Am I Invisible

Recorded at the legendary Fort Apache (Dinosaur Jr, Come, Yo La Tengo, Uncle Tupelo, Radiohead) by Brian Brown (Juliana Hatfield, Bill Janovitz, Pilot to Gunner, Tanya Donnelly), these 11 songs take you on a full tour of the city's neighborhoods. From the jangly, country-tinged spacewalk of "This Town Won't Be The Same", to the pure pop pleasantries of "Growing Up Too Fast", to the creepy and bare "Drift Away", our debut album will leave your jaw dropped and singing for days. Use of earnest vocals, stereo jangle guitars, melodic bass lines, natural echo chambers, violin, viola and electric piano add the natural feel of the disc. Released by Near by Music in November 2002. Buy on now, Newbury Comics in the Boston area and mom and pop shops through Morphius Distribution. Also, the last song, Drift Away, has been included on Copper Press's Issue 14 CD compilation.

The Sound / National Landmark

Recorded by Tony Goddess, of international pop avatars Papas Fritas, this 7" single is a study in manic depression, as The Sound's toe-tapping energy will make you wanna shake it, while National Landmark's minimal sadness will make you wonder if you can take it. On gold vinyl (yes this is our first gold record!) and released by Near by Music in February 2001. In a stroke of fortune, we got some nice reviews. You can buy the single online at indie rock e-superstore or directly through Near by Music. So you know, The Sound was issued on a compilation by Contact Records in Japan and the US called U.S. Pop Life vol.8 North East - Journey to End of Twilight. It included a bunch of other Northeastern bands, including pals The Solar Saturday, Seana Carmody and The Background.

Start Your Own Country

Our first real recording is more spartan and acoustic-oriented. Also out on Near by Music, the four songs were recorded by Orrin Anderson (formerly of Syrup USA) in the fall of 1999 at his home studio. Released in March 2000, the vibe is intimate and homey and we think you'll dig it....

Check out some great reviews here. If you want to buy it online now, you can get it from or megastore . You can also get it directly through Near by Music. We're proud that the third song, "Coming Home", is included on a compilation provided by indie zine Pop Culture Press. It comes with their issue #49 for free.